Turnkey IoT solutions that Reduce Costs, Increase Revenues, and Create New Efficiencies

Cloud-Based Solutions. Real World Impact.

Reduce Costs


ECOSENSE- Hundreds of wireless sensors and devices with up to 12-year battery-lives connect to the cloud and enable new insights & optimizations. 

From temperature-sensitive transportation, fleet management, and logistics, to commercial & municipal complexes, parking lots and residential buildings ECOSENSE resource management saves money.

Reduce Costs

Increase Revenues


 RPRT - "Right Place, Right Time" networked digital signs can increase advertised product sales by over 30%, engage & inform patrons, and connect brands with consumers. For locations, RPRT signs are like digital salespeople. For advertisers, they can be the most effective "call to action" possible. Both see transparent and quantifiable results. RPRT increases physical revenues and often creates digital ones too. 

Increase Revenues

Create New Efficiencies


DIVVYSEE- GDRP compliant machine vision for facial and object recognition. Streamline payments, check-outs and check-ins. Get demographic reports, upload them into your CRM or visitor database. Improve service, sales and security with real-time text alerts. Manage inventory, understand what brands are popular, or what cars are parked where. 

Create Efficiencies

Growing Problems


It's not just about doing more with less.  Whether you have the resources or not; keeping pace with technology, understanding its potential impact, and finding new ways to remain relevant and competitive is an ever-increasing problem.

Forward-Thinking Solutions


Cloud-Based technologies can impact today's bottom-line, but tomorrow's digital disruptors can pose entirely new challenges. That's where our affiliated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and 20+ leading technology partners come in.  Together, we strive for immediately impactful solutions that also create future opportunities. 

What people are saying


  "You get paid on the sale of devices and the accompanying service subscriptions. So, I get the 'Amazon 2.0' analogy. But that's not what you are to me. The ads you play on your signs boost in-store sales; the IoT sensors reduce costs, and facial recognition helps recognize returning customers. Throw in that you share digital ad revenues from the signs on my shelves and you're Brick & Mortar's 'Anti-Amazon 1.0'". Not only do we increase sales and save money, we finally get to take a piece of their action!" - Retail Owner

(100+ franchise locations)


  “Every technology you use is in production with another municipality somewhere, somehow. But you have everything under one tent; you create the solution, and we don’t have to deal with 15 different vendors. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years and have never seen anything like this. I can’t think of why a Municipality wouldn't just call you.” – Transportation Consultant  

(50+ Major Municipalities)


 "When I was walking toward the table for our 1st meeting, I didn't know the text I got was automated. Getting my picture and cell # before our lunch was a neat trick. But, seeing 'DANGEROUS. [John Doe] entered the building. *CALL 911!"' on my phone got the point across immediately. I had no idea you could do all that from a laptop with a webcam." - Security Contractor

(15+ landmark Commercial buildings)

Member-Based / Charitable

   "Thank you for showing us how we can aggregate purchasing-power, mobilize members, and communicate based on geography through the same app. We can do a lot of good with the mobile ad proceeds too!  Can't wait!” - Director

(1MM+ Member organization)