Your Good Cause Will Benefit

Your good cause can start to benefit from Purposeful Purchases™ as soon as your good cause is setup with us.


Our tools allow your good causes to engage your members with automated workflows, reward them with discounts, and increase your revenue!

Good Causes can have a whole new revenue stream to benefit from and earn as your members complete Purposeful Purchases™ which are highly personalized to them.

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No Cost to You

We provide you an awesome member engagement and rewards platform at NO COST to you since we are absorbing all the up-front cost.

Member Engagement

Use the Member Rewards and Engagement Platform to provide value to your members as a reward for the awesome job they are doing supporting your awesome cause!


When members take advantage of reward discounts, they get the lowest price we can find and your good cause receives a portion of the proceeds!

Divvy Member Engagement Platform

At no cost, you will get a private all in one modern engagement platform with tools that empower you and your members to better communicate and collaborate.

These tools are all integrated allowing you to build sophisticated campaigns, increase and nurture leads, and expand your reach.

Connect with your members like never before

Communicate with your members with our toolkit like you have never done before, any by that we mean Easily.

Your Member Engagement Platform is packed with features to help you and your members connect via a range of methods.

Our SMS module is a fully integrated communication module and allows you to reach out quicker and faster than before.

And the best part, it’s all no code and available to use right now as soon as you register with us.


Full Campaigns and Landing Pages

Your member engagement platform really does allow you to take control of your communication campaigns with or scalable tools.

Email campaigns are taken care of in a flash with our intuitive builder and we don’t stop there.

Landing pages can be created with a few clicks using our templates and simple to use UI. You will be creating a landing page within minutes which will attract the right response from your members.

Collate your forms in one place.

Using yet another point and click tool you have the power to directly ask your members for information and it be collated in one area helping future campaigns to be further customized resulting in even more conversions and more revenue for your Good Cause.

It could be a short survey or even a voltunteer registration form, the possibilities are endless and you have the power to do this in your Member Engagement Platform.

Member Rewards Portal

Allow your members to Purchase with Purpose!

After you register your organization, you will get a free member rewards portal that allows members to purchase products at the best price available!

 Your members will get personalized rewards and offers based on the things they are interested. We utilize data from multiple sources to determine what will convert for your users and in turn share the generated revenue with your good cause.

Whats even better is we share more with our good causes than Amazon Smile does. Everyone wins.


Register for your Good Cause Member Platform

Click the register button below to register your good cause with DivvyTech and get a link to your rewards portal.

Promote your rewards portal link to members

Use the Engagement Platform to send your members a link to the rewards portal where they can register and enter their interests.

Purchase with purpose

Your members will get the best price we can find AND your good cause will get a cut at our expense!

We are Divvy Technologies, and we think GOOD CAUSES that help people, promote diversity (strength), and inform or advance our society are held-back by three things.

  Member, Student, or Donor Attrition – Participants eventually withdraw if they are not acknowledged & engaged.

2)  Funding – Fundraising takes resources, spotty funding hinders progress, and no funding means no progress.

3)  Technology – The size of positive impact is proportional to the level of access to technology.

We are Divvy Technologies and

1) We think limiting GOOD CAUSES limits our personal growth and our progress as a species

2)  We know we can transform these three GOOD CAUSE limitations into accelerators.

3)  WE believe we can accelerate the work GOOD CAUSES do and, if we really want to be the “GOOD GUYS,” it is on us to do it, simply because we can


But GOOD GUYS know not to ask for trust,

because you must earn it, and here is how we will earn yours

1)  We will give your GOOD CAUSE our Member Engagement Platform & custom-branded Member Rewards App for FREE

2)  We will use our AI technologies to continuously look for personalized “weekly TOP-10 rewards” discounts & exclusive “do-gooder” deals in what members already buy or are interested in

3)  So, we save money for members in the things that they want, and we share part of what we earn with your cause, transforming everyday purchases into Purposeful-Purchases™, because GOOD GUYS share (aka “Divvy”)

Register Your Good Cause

Simply fill out the few details and one of our representatives will be in contact to discuss the next steps to becoming part of the Divvy Family.